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Best Practices Code

Copa Investimentos is a signatory of the ABVCAP/ANBIMA Regulation and Best Practices Code for Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds.


The Code sets forth parameters that guide the activities of the participating institutions in connection with the creation and modus operandi of private equity funds (FIPs), venture capital funds (FIEEs) and their fund of funds,  that aim primarily at:

  • ensuring transparency in the execution of their activities, making it easier to quantify and monitor the development of the sector;
  • enabling the standardization of their practices and processes;
  • contributing towards their credibility and proper functioning;
  • maintaining the highest possible ethical standards and institutionalizing the concept of fair practices;
  • raising fiduciary standards and furthering best market practices; and
  • promoting, to the extent possible, the harmonization and gradual integration between the Brazilian market for FIPs/FIEEs and the international private equity and venture capital markets.
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