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We are long-term committed, as timberland investments require

  • The team’s interests are aligned with our investors’ through our exclusive focus in timberland investments, equity ownership under a partnership structure, performance fee incentives and personal investments in our funds

We are patient and disciplined investors

  • The importance of deal selection and thorough due diligence is greatly enhanced in the Brazilian rural/forestry space
  • Superior risk-adjusted returns do not come easy

Our reputation is our most important asset

  • Our business depends on long-term relationships with our investors, which in turn depend on our reputation
  • Our fund’s track-record is publicly available through our reporting to and oversight by the Brazilian securities authority (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários – CVM)

We invest with an owner’s mentality

  • Austere mindset and active management approach
  • Preference for vertically integrated operations as a means of increasing accountability and enhancing returns

We are 100% tropicalized to the Brazilian reality

  • Long experience operating in the complex Brazilian business environment
  • Strong network of professional and personal relationships
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